It is FAST and EASY to put a shortcut to 'THE BOISENET' and the 'INTERNET' on your computer screen.
It only takes about 3 to 5 seconds to complete and there are no downloads required.
Take the challenge!! Use it for a week!!
  1. Reduce the size of the Boisenet 'Main' page if it is full size.
  2. When reduced, put your curser on the 'Main' Boisenet page icon as shown in the circle.
  3. Left click and hold the button and move curser to open desktop area and release it.

    • You should have an Internet Icon with 'THE BOISENET' under it on your 'Desktop' screen.
    • Now, when ever you click on this link, you will be connected to the 'Internet' and the 'Boisenet'.
    • If you do not know how to reduce the size of the Boisenet Website, go to section 'B'

Section 'B' - Reduce the size of the Boisenet website
  1. On the upper right-hand corner of the Boisenet website there are the 'Minimize' and 'Maximize' buttons.
  2. Click on the maximize button and the Boisenet website should become much smaller.
  3. If it doesn't get smaller or if you cannot see much of your desktop, put you curser on the very top of the webpage, click and hold and move the curser down
  4. You should now have room, so go back and complete section 'A'